Organic Ministry

At Organic Ministry we are dedicated to the ongoing education and exploration of our mind, body and spirit. We appreciate the living world around us and take pride in nurturing our health through botanical remedies whilst reducing our carbon footprint. We're forever changing and growing like the Earth around us - always searching for safer, healthier alternatives to use on hair. This is why we have specifically sourced chemical-free hair dyes, organic styling and after-care products like Organic Ministry, R+Co, Davines, Little Vintage  Body, EcoTan and OmMade EverEscents, Original & Mineral.

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Organic Ministry provide organic luxury salon and beauty services.

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Organic Hair And Skin Treatments

At Organic Ministry organic hair and skin is the focus of our experts, advice is tailored specifically to enhance and reflect your inner beauty. Through a seamless fusion of communication and education we deliver high quality colours that compliment precision cuts whilst minimizing exposure to harsh synthetic chemicals. Our in-depth and unique consultation process enables us to learn about you and your hair to personalize every visit. We strive to inspire a healthier greener lifestyle and to ultimately educate others on the power of reducing chemicals. Our staff are fully trained to advise you on the best organic hair and skin products to deliver real benefits.

Pamper With Purpose

Every service you have at Organic Ministry is a donation in itself thanks to our initiative, 'Pamper with Purpose'. We automatically take a percentage of your service to donate to charity because we’re passionate about community involvement and development. We initiated 'Pamper with Purpose' so you no longer need to feel guilty about spoiling yourself. So far, together we have helped fund raise and raise awareness for Hair Aid, Amnesty International, Backpacks for SA Kids, Providence Chick, World's Greatest Shave, RSPCA, King’s Baptist Grammar... and many more!

Pan-tree Organic Coffee And Snacks

We Are An Eco-Friendly Salon

organic ministry organic hair colour

+ All the materials and furniture used in the salon are upcycled or recycled
+ Our unique, eco-friendly flooring is kind to staff and clients health as well as the environment
+ Living plants feature throughout the salon to promote natural air filtration
+ EcoHead taps are used at the wash basins to reduce water wastage and more gentle
+ We are mindful to turn off taps when not in use to reduce water wastage
+ Save on energy consumption by turning off the aircon/heater
+ We air-dry towels and capes when possible
+ LED lights used throughout the shop to reduce energy wastage
+ We recycle all cardboard, paper, plastic and aluminium colour tubes
+ We also recycle coffee grains from Pure [pan]-tree and other reusable ingredients for our raw beauty products

Why Choose Organic Hair Care Products?

We’re only blessed with one life, one body. Feel confident in choosing better for your health at Organic Ministry with non-toxic dyes and cleaner, greener products. We’re committed to delivering superior customer experiences and environmentally-friendly sustainable techniques that go beyond your salon visit. Go organic and begin your sensory journey here with an abundance of botanical remedies.

Personalised Service

With a holistic approach to hair, body and spirit, our services at Organic Ministry are personalised to suit your hair type, face shape, skin tone and lifestyle. We specialise in offering the cleanest alternatives to clients who are chemically conscious, whether that be due to pregnancy, illness, allergies or lifestyle choices.