Treasure Boxes - A Beacon of Hope for SA Families

Organic Ministry is honoured to collaborate with Treasure Boxes, contributing 178 cleansers to be included in toiletry bags for South Australian families. We are thrilled to partner with such an incredible organisation that genuinely transforms lives within our local community.

Amidst the challenges of poverty, homelessness, and domestic violence, numerous families in South Australia face an uphill battle to meet their children's basic needs. Fortunately, Treasure Boxes steps is a beacon of hope.

With a team of compassionate individuals sharing a common vision, this remarkable organisation is committed to averting hardship and trauma by ensuring that disadvantaged children receive essential items often taken for granted. Operating from their bustling warehouse headquarters, Treasure Boxes collects and distributes critical resources for childhood, including bedding, clothes, toys, toiletries, and even regular meals. Their mission transcends mere material assistance – they strive to empower individuals and effect positive change within the community, all while championing sustainability and preventing valuable resources from going to waste.

In a world where poverty, homelessness, and domestic violence persistently impact countless lives, Treasure Boxes shines as a guiding light of hope, compassion, and unwavering support.

If you’d like to donate to this incredible organisation or find out more about what they do, head over to their website.

“Please pass on our sincere thanks to the Organic Ministry team - Our South Aussie families in need will absolutely love and appreciate your cleaners. A donation of this size makes a very big difference!”