Skincare, hair, body, home.

 The Organic Ministry vision is to build a clean, contemporary, empowered brand that is mindful, rooted in nature and covers all bases – working hard for your skin, hair and body, today and your children’s tomorrow. Take a holistic, honest approach with products and services as purposeful as they are powerful.

The passion and drive for Organic Ministry's creation came from my personal experience of poor health in the hair and beauty industry. Exposure to toxic chemicals for a prolonged amount of time lead to a search for change, to ensure longevity in the industry.

Discovering that clean, organic, natural alternatives were not readily available in the hair and beauty industry and almost unheard of back in 2005. Hence the search was on to drive change and this was the genesis of Organic Ministry.

Dream big and if it seems unachievable and outrageous, then that’s the dream you want to run with. Nothing is impossible for those who believe.

Love to love ya!
Sarah Pope
Sarah Pope
Founder of Organic Ministry