Team Spotlight - Rachel

Hey there! I'm Rachel, the Head of Branding at Organic Ministry Skincare. I'm excited to share my personal skincare routine with you because I'm not only passionate about my job but also about the amazing benefits of our products.

In the past, I used to create my own simple skincare concoctions to avoid toxins and harmful ingredients, prioritising the health of my skin.

However, since joining Organic Ministry, I've discovered a range of products that have truly transformed my skin, giving it a more youthful appearance even in my mid-40s.

Let me walk you through my daily morning and night rituals that I can't live without.


Daily Routine.

I do have a few steps, but trust me, it's worth it to maintain a youthful look:

1. Confused Gel Cleanser
Perfect for my combination skin, this cleanser leaves my face feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

2. Essentials Exfoliating Vitamin Crystals
Twice a week, I treat my skin to this amazing exfoliant. I mix a pinch with my confused gel cleanser, gently massaging it onto my face and leaving it on for a minute while in the shower. The result is incredibly soft and smooth skin.

3. Delicate Toning Mist
Before applying my next step, I spritz my skin with this toning mist, providing an extra hydration boost.

4. Eternal Hyaluronic & Eternal Collagen Serum
While my skin is still damp from the toning mist, I combine these two serums in my hand and apply them together to my face. This powerful duo ensures optimal hydration, leaving my skin plump and refreshed.

5. Eternal Peptide Cream
After applying the serums, I follow up with this fantastic peptide cream. It locks in the benefits of the serums while balancing, hydrating, and plumping my skin.

6. Essentials Cooling Eye Gel
I absolutely love this product, especially the beautiful rollerball applicator. It instantly cools and hydrates my eyes, leaving me feeling refreshed.

7. Eternal Renewal Cream
To complete my daily routine, I reach for this cream packed with Vitamin C. It offers multiple benefits such as boosting collagen production, combating signs of ageing, and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Hello, radiant glow!'

and here's an extra tip for you:

Bath & Body Oil:
When applying foundation, I add a drop of this luxurious oil to achieve a dewy look. It helps my foundation go on effortlessly, without emphasising any wrinkles.

Nightly Routine.

1. Confused Nourishing Oil
Enriched with Vitamin A and high levels of Vitamin C, this incredible oil works wonders while I sleep. It keeps my skin hydrated and nourished, so I wake up with a radiant glow.

2. Thirsty Hydrating Gel Mask
I indulge in this mask at least once a week. Applying a generous layer, I leave it on overnight. It reduces fine lines, smooths the skin's texture, and calms any inflammation I may have.

By incorporating these products into my nightly routine, I ensure my skin receives the pampering it deserves while enjoying rejuvenating benefits during my beauty sleep.

I hope you found this insight into my skincare routine helpful!

Rachel - Head of  Branding Organic Ministry