Team Spotlight - Jess

heya! i'm jess, and i'm all about keeping things real, especially when it comes to skincare. at organic ministry, i've found my skincare soulmates – products that are effective on my skin and kind to the planet. join me while i take you through my everyday routine and discover the secret to clear, glowing skin. 

essentials cooling eye gel

first things first, my best friend in the mornings – the cooling eye gel. it's like a breath of fresh air for my tired, puffy eyes, instantly perking them up and making me feel awake and alive.

my next step and by far my fave is the notox trio. an absolute must for my skin. a balance of layering hydration and renewal. the amazing trio includes the eternal collagen serum, eternal hyaluronic serum, and eternal peptide cream – it's all about nourishing and pampering my skin.
following the cleanse, i take a moment to restore balance with the delicate toning mist, followed by the brightening serum to help even my complexion and renewal cream - as the name suggests, helps renew my skin and reveals a fresher, brighter glow.
as the day unfolds, i keep things simple with the beauty elixir in my handbag. it's my go-to lip gloss! a little swipe, and my lips are glossy, nourished, and oh-so-pretty.
and let's not forget the little indulgence I look forward to – my weekly mask session. i switch between the pink clay mask and the thirsty hydrating gel mask, as i find one is great for refreshing and detoxifying my skin (pink clay) and the hydrating gel mask gives my skin that extra boost it needs. it leaves me feeling pampered, refreshed, and ready to conquer the world.
and there we have it! my weekly skincare routine.