Confused with your skincare?

Skincare doesn’t need to be confusing, but sometimes our skin type is. Combination skin or dull skin is more common than not, so rather than getting in a muddle not knowing what to use, Organic Ministry has done the guess work for you.

Introducing Organic Ministry Confused range! Formulated with a cocktail of superfruits and herbs to resolve the challenges and perfectly balance your skin. Ingredients such as Lemon Tea Tree are utilised to promote cell rejuvenation with anti-inflammatory properties and Wheatgrass to detoxify your skin while imparting vitamins A, C and E to repair damaged epidermal tissue. Boosted with an antioxidant rich blend, addressing where the skin needs more support, providing stability and harmony to your skin health.

Complex ingredients don’t mean a complex skin routine. Organic Ministry Confused range is as simple as a Gel Cleanser, Toning Mist and Moisturiser, with a supercharged Nourishing Oil for those wanting to get take their routine to the next level. The Confused range can also be intermixed with all Organic Ministry products for targeted concerns such as acne, fine lines and dry, dehydrated areas of skin.

Organic Ministry Confused Gel Cleanser - A herbaceous cocktail of Parsley, Green Tea, Wheatgrass and Alfalfa immersed in a gentle foaming gel formula to deliver deep cleansing and a spectacular anti-oxidant boost to the skin. A critical step in your anti-ageing skincare routine, this Sulphate-free blend works to remove damaging pollutants and in turn, prevent free radical damage that can lead to premature ageing.

Essences of Orange, Lemon and Petitgrain perfectly balance the green notes of this blend.

Organic Ministry Confused Toning Mist - A quick and easy way to add an anti-oxidant boost to your everyday skin routine, our superfood-infused toning mist expertly blends rich berry extracts of Bilberry, Goji and Blueberries to fight free radical damage.
A base of Aloe Vera provides rapid hydration, as the heady floral-meets-fruity aroma of Jasmine, Geranium, Lemon and Grapefruit envelop you after each application.
Alcohol free.

Organic Ministry Confused Moisturiser - An ideal daily lotion to boost anti-oxidant level and fight free radical damage, this superfood rich moisturiser is packed with skin-loving ingredients including Mangosteen (Garcinia Cambodia) and Rice Protein, and vitamin A & E infused Wheatgrass.

Blended beautifully with the light scent of White Grapefruit and Rose Geranium.

Organic Ministry Confused Nourishing Oil - A super-charged oil that delivers a myriad of anti-oxidant rich power ingredients in a silky, nourishing base. Chia Seed, Avocado and Jojoba oils are quickly absorbed into the skin to provide lasting hydration, with Seabuckthorn Oil our hero ingredient fighting free-radical damage.
A woody blend of Frankincense, and Ylang Ylang are rounded out by Rose Geranium to provide a beautiful scent.

We also recommend using one our Organic Ministry’s luxe eye products for the delicate skin around the eyes!