basic bitch.

Discover the new standard in pooch grooming with Organic Ministry’s NEW Basic Bitch Soft Coat Shampooch Bar. Upgrade your pet’s grooming routine with the trusted choice of dog lovers who demand nothing but the best in natural and effective pet care.

 Travel size organic ministry dog shampoo bar and box

Designed with your dog’s wellbeing in mind, this professional-grade, unscented shampoo bar is the product of extensive research with the help of local dog groomers. It’s meticulously formulated to provide a luxurious, soothing bath experience, leaving your furry friend’s coat irresistibly soft and clean.
Our commitment to your pet’s health and the environment is reflected in every bar, infused with Persea Gratissima for deep hydration, Aloe Barbadensis for its healing properties and Colloidal Oatmeal to soothe irritation, this bar is a testament to what scientific research can achieve in pet wellness.
Nipaguard preserves the integrity of our product, while Citrus Limon provides a hint of natural freshness without overpowering the senses. For the discerning pet owner, our Basic Bitch Shampooch Bar is the clear choice for conscientious and superior pet care.

It’s pure, it’s simple, and it’s what your dog deserves.