Pure Pan-Tree Organic Cafe

Pure Pan-Tree Organic Café


Pure Pan-Tree Organic Cafe
Organic Cafe Adelaide

Welcome to your one stop guide for organic and healthy living.

We are an organic café based in Wynn Vale, Adelaide and part of the Organic Ministry Hair Salon. We are founded around a farm to plate concept and we specialise in allergy friendly meals and treats. Our meal range includes Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Vegan and Raw Food and we have an ever-changing seasonal menu. We also specialise in organic tea and coffee and all ingredients are sourced locally.

Our blog will provide you with the latest information and tips on organic and sustainable living and it is our hope to share our knowledge on food and well-being and encourage you to make decisions which lead to you being the best version of yourself.

We encourage you to participate and contribute as we create a community of individuals committed to better health and well-being through organic living.

Love to Love Ya

Pure Pan-Tree